About the Artist

Kayla Fain is a nature and wildlife artist, living and working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Since she can remember, Kayla has been saving bugs, hugging trees, and advocating for the environment. Through her art, she tries to reflect that love and passion, and share the various connections we have with nature in a meaningful way. Although she experiments with mixed medias, her choice of medium tends to be colored pencils. Kayla’s work is inspired by a childhood of exploring the great outdoors. Admiring the towering mountains and wonderful scents of pines.
Through her business, Kayla has always wanted to make her art accessible to everyone. She also tries to be consciously aware of her impact on the environment by recycling materials whenever possible and reducing packaging waste. Kayla thanks you for your support, and hopes that her art brings you as much inspiration and happiness as creating it has brought her.